Caring for your fresh flowers to get the very best out of them in these hot, sunny days is really easy to do and so important to avoid limp stems that just don’t last.

Always start with a vessel filled with clean water, whether that be a vase, jar, or anything that holds water, let your imagination run wild! Add in a sprinkle of flower food provided by your professional florist, if you do not have any, add in a few drops of bleach or vinegar and about two tablespoons of sugar to the water. This helps to slow and prevent bacteria, mould and decay occurring in the water which will compromise the life of your cut flowers. Re-cut the stems of your blooms on an angle to allow them to drink the lovely, clean water easily and remove any foliage that will be in the water. Top up or replace the water every few days as in the heat they will be thirsty. Remove any stems that have gone past their best.

If possible, keep your vase of flowers out of the direct sunlight and in a draft free area. Sit back and enjoy your beautiful blooms :)