Cashews, honey roasted nuts and birthday snacks

Savoury Selection

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This large selection of savoury treats is sure satisfy the hungriest of mouths. Pair up with a fine bottle of wine or a box of premium beer to create a fantastic gift basket. Included is:

  • Rutherford and Meyer Fig Paste 120g
  • Rutherford and Meyer Gourmet Wafers 120g
  • Herb & Spice Mill Bombay Mix 200g
  • Shultz Pretzels 226g
  • Fragata Snacking Olive - Garlic 70g
  • Fragata Snacking Olive - Chilli Garlic 70g
  • Honey Sesame Cashews 100g
  • Black Pepper Peanuts 100g
  • Honey Roasted Peanuts 100g